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You will get to know about Cloudways Hosting Price and determine if this is a good choice for your business. The managed hosting company Cloudways places a strong emphasis on simplicity as well as performance.

cloudways hosting price

Cloudways eliminates all the headaches of hardware maintenance, from the straightforward server and application start to the continuing server maintenance, so you can keep concentrating on expanding your business. 

Typically, it comes down to weighing price vs. features vs. performance. The best cloud hosting platform should be chosen similarly. In addition to reading more web hosting reviews, some of which may be found in the web hosting section, you should test out each function for yourself. This enables you to determine whether the platform meets your own requirements.

How do you understand whether a cloud platform is really good for you or not?

Well, to choose the correct hosting platform you need first to identify what your needs are for hosting. There are many factors on which it might depend such as uptime, upgrades, hosting reliability, and features. An ideal option would neither be too expensive so that it becomes a monthly burden or accounting issue, nor would it be too inexpensive so that maintaining the service’s proper operation becomes more difficult.

How many service providers are offered by Cloudways? 

Currently, Cloudways offers services from the following five cloud service providers:

  • DigitalOcean (3-day free trial) 
  • Google Cloud or Google Compute Engine (3-day free trial)
  • Vultr (3-day free trial) 
  • Linode (3-day free trial) 
  • AWS (Amazon Web Service) 

We advise reading some of the server and cloud web hosting evaluations mentioned above to determine which one would be most suitable for your individual requirements. To try Cloudways, you don’t need a credit card.

What are the settings packages in Cloudways? 

It is important to note that due to the platform’s structure, Cloudways does not grant root access to its servers. This is because someone with root access could damage the server infrastructure, making the platform less dependable for you and other users. However, the vast array of Cloudways options still allows for managing most settings that ordinarily demand root access. We don’t think this is a drawback because you don’t actually need it. Customize the Security of your application. You can use this functionality provided by Cloudways to whitelist your IP addresses so that you can securely connect to your server using SFTP and SSH. This function allows you to determine further whether a specific IP address is allowed or restricted. When you are finished adding IP addresses to the whitelist, simply click “Save Changes” to make the changes effective.

Is Cloudways safe and secured?

You can quickly and easily expand the size of your server through the Control Panel because of the way that Cloudways’ vertical scaling is built. While Amazon and Google Compute Engine also let you shrink servers, DigitalOcean and Vultr exclusively provide server size improvements. Other server characteristics, such as RAM, SSD storage, and core processors, are raised in step with server scaling. Use backups to keep your website secure. The Cloudways Backup function enables you to back up your host and program files in secure data centers, preventing catastrophic data loss in the event of outages. Your backup frequency can be automated to as little as once every hour. You can also deactivate your local backup. You always have the extra choice of Taking Server Backup Now if you feel the need to back up your data right now.

What is the price of Cloudways Hosting?

For each of the 5 web hosts, Cloudways offers a selection of pricing options. Their $10/month DigitalOcean plans include 1 GB of RAM, 25 GB of storage capacity, and 1 TB of bandwidth. Additionally, they use the original “Pay as you Go” payment mechanism. This means that if you use a server for two days, you will be charged for two days. The price of their lowest-spec server, the 1 GB plan from DigitalOcean, which is $10/month, is only $0.0139/hour, or just $1.02, which is incredibly cheap!

The best thing about Cloudways is that all of their plans have the same renewal prices. It’s also vital to know that Cloudways charges double what the individual hosting companies’ plans are. In other words, if DigitalOcean charges $5 per month for its Starter plan, Cloudways charges $10. Yes, you might choose individual hosting companies for a lower price. But you would then lose the “Managed” component of web hosting.

How to make a new account in Cloudways Hosting?

After signing up, your account will be verified. After you log in to the Cloudways page, you will directly go to the launch page. You just need to hit the launch button in order to start a new server. After that, set up your server and all the necessary app details. It is recommended to select WordPress and name the project, application, and server. For now, you definitely don’t need to provide your credit card essentials as this is just a trial. 


Cloudways is said to be a great hosting company that helps you to eliminate all the worries about managing things and lets you concentrate solely on your work. 

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