How to Fully Uninstall Discord on Windows 10 & Mac

How to Fully Uninstall Discord on Windows 10 & Mac – (2021)

Discord is a great VoIP app with an increasing number of users. You may encounter some issues with the app, such as JavaScript errors. Discord will not open any issues that you might have.

How to completely uninstall discord. This article will show you how to remove all discord from your Windows 10 or Mac. Before we proceed, let’s learn more about Discord Uninstallation.

Discord where is it installed?

Discord must be uninstalled completely. We need to know where it is installed so we can delete it from anywhere. The majority of Windows applications are located in C drive.

The exact path or location of discord C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Local\Discord, you can access it by entering %localappdata%\Discord in the RUN box.


What happens if Discord is uninstalled?

Discord can only be uninstalled this will remove the app from your phone or PC, but not your discord account. You can access your account from any browser.

It is possible to reinstall it or access your account using any browser. Discord can be uninstalled for a variety of reasons.

If you plan to use another application or want to stop discord, you will need to delete the discord account.

You have 2 options to completely uninstall Discord from Windows 10. You can either manually uninstall or use Revo Uninstaller is a third-party app.

How to Get Rid of Discord Completely (Manually).

First, uninstall discord and then delete discord files and registry entries from the installation drive.

Step 1:- Disable Discord

Press Windows + R To open the RUN Box, press the following: appwiz.cpl Okay. This will open the Windows application wizard. Keep an eye out for Discord Application? Right-click is easy to do. Uninstall. Uninstall-Discord-on-Windows-10-compressed-1024x234-1

Step 2:- Disable Discord from the Installation Folder

Press Windows + R To open the RUN Box, press the key and type %appdata%. Click to activate it. Okay. This will bring up Roaming folder. Click on the folder in discord and then press the button. Shift + delete to delete the entire discord directory, press the key. Cant-uninstall-discord-compressed-1024x225-1 Type %localappdata% again in the Run box and click OK. Shift + DeleteTo delete the file, press the key.

Step 3:- Discord is removed from the Registry

PressWindows + REnter Regedit and hit the key to open RUN. Registry Editor. To open the search box press Ctrl+F. TypeDiscordClick here okay now, wait until it finds the discord folder. Wait until it locates the discord folder. Right-click the discord folder to choose delete. How-to-fully-uninstall-discord-on-windows-10 Continue the steps of searching and deleting, until all discord files have been deleted.

How to Completely Remove Discord (Revo Uninstaller Software).

Revo Uninstaller, a third-party app that uninstalls discord from Windows devices, will simplify your task. Navigate to Revo’s website and click on the free download button. Click on the link to download it. install the software. Revo-Uninstaller-10-compressed-1024x249-1-300x73 The Uninstaller wizard will now appear, search for Discord and click on it. Finally, click on Uninstall from the top menu. How-to-completely-remove-Discord-on-windows-10 You will see the confirmation box. Make sure you click “Accept”.Take action System Restore point before uninstalling click on ” after it is checked Continue. Create-a-restore-point-with-Revo-10-10-compressed-1024x506-1 Revo will create a restore point for you and then give you a new box. Select Uninstall Discord. Click on scan to locate all discord files in the registry. Click onSelect allAnd then, and so on delete to delete discord files. How-to-remove-discord-from-Windows-registry After you have finished the registry, Revo will locate all remaining folders and files. Now click on Select? delete them, the finish complete the uninstallation. How-to-completely-uninstall-discord-from-windows-10 After the uninstallation is complete, restart your computer. This will remove all discord from Windows 10.

How to Remove Discord Completely from Mac

Mac users can also uninstall discord completely by following these instructions. You must first be able to quit discordClick on the discord icon in the left-top menu to make this happen. Then, click on the Choose button. Quit. You can also exit by right-clicking the discord icon at the bottom of the taskbar. uninstall discord from mac Click the fingerpick from the dock application. Locate discord within the application and right-click it. Choose Move to trash Moving discord to the trash is as easy as uninstalling the app.

However, it did not delete all discord files. We now need to delete all discord files from the whole system.

  • Select the option you want from the menu barGoClick on “Next” Go to folder”. In “Go to folder click on “Type /Library” and then click Go.
  • Look for any discord files and other related files. Right-click on them and chooseYou can go to the trash.
  • Do the same with other files.


This will allow you to completely uninstall discord on macOS and Windows 10. Remember that uninstalling Discord does not mean your discord account is gone.

This article will help you to remove discord completely from your computer. If you encounter any errors while uninstalling discord, you can also clear the cache.

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