How to get the Crown on Discord

How to get the Crown on Discord – How to Hide

Learn step-by-step how to win the master of discord crown and how to hide your discord server’s owner title in this article. If we hear the term crown, we automatically think of the king or power attached to it.

How to get the Crown on Discord – How to Hide

What does the crown signify concerning discord?

In addition to the crown symbol, the server owner receives the title of the king or creator of the server. If you see a crown in your name, it indicates that you are the responsible party.

In addition to helping other members find the right person, it facilitates communication. It is hard to avoid the responsibility that comes with having the crown icon in your name.

The process can be challenging from time to time. Such cases may require designating a server administrator.


How do you get the Discord crown?

It is a crown badge that you and other server owners receive. Each role on the server can be assigned a color to indicate its level of power. Wearing the badge signifies ownership, and it is positioned in front of the name of the owner.

Discord Crown vanished

Those who own Discord servers or read this article on behalf of others may have noticed that their crown badges were missing.

How to discord your way back to the crown

Your name can be adorned with the crown badge again if you change roles. The following steps should be followed

  1. Navigate to the discord dashboard to find the server where your crown was lost.
  2. Click on the name of the server to choose server settings.


  1. Click on the Server Setting Options button. Roles This will display a list of all roles created on the server.
  2. Click on each role to go to Role settings make sure you choose the first optionDifferent roles for online membersIsOff. Discord-crown-disappeared-compressed-768x385-1
  3. Turn it off if it is on. Repeat this process for each role to ensure it’s off.
  4. After you are done, refresh your screen by clicking ctrl + R Make sure you press the key again to check the crown icon. It should be back.

How to hide the Discord Server Crown

Having the crown badge means that you have created a server. If you need assistance, you can identify the right person to contact by being identified as the owner of the server. Eventually, though, there will come a time when the server becomes too crowded, and all requests will be inaccessible.

The crown icon makes people approach you immediately. In order to make it easier for admins to respond to these requests, you may create roles and hide the discord server owner crown from your name so that members may continue to behave normally for a couple more days. You will still have access to the same information and permissions as before.

It will be hidden following these steps. RUN an Administrator Role With this step, you can create an administrator role that permits you to make changes. Here are the steps you need to take

  • Navigate to the Discord dashboard, and find it on your server.
  • Click on the server name to be taken to the drop-down menu. Configuration of the Server.
  • Select the server settings now.RolesFrom the left-hand panel
  • Click the+ iconAdmin, or any other role can be given a name by clicking on the ROLES button. How to hide the discord server owner crown
  • If you wish to use a specific color, you can choose to have it chosen.
  • Scroll down Role setting click on the toggle button to activate the first feature“Display role members apart from online members”Scroll down to find out more turn on Administrator’s permission.
  • To save all settings, click on the Save button.

Now, hold CTRL and R to refresh the screen. A refresh of the screen will remove the crown icon from the name of the server owner. Using this method is a very good way to hide the owner’s crown. If not, you can certainly try again. To join the role, follow these steps.

  • Go to the configuration of the server choose againMembersThis will be located at the bottom of the User Management section.
  • Search for yourself in the members and click on3 dots By hovering over your name.
  • Click hereRolesTo add yourself to the new role, select the role that you have just created.
  • Press the Enter key to close the screen ctrl + R To refresh the discord screen, press the key again.

How to get crown on discord


Your name is surrounded by the discord crown icon, which gives the impression that you are a king who manages his empire.

This is a power everyone would love to experience. There is a desire for many people to get rid of the crown icon since they want to blend in.

There are even those who attempt to remove it. Is this how you intended it? What is the best way to get a crown in Discord? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section. Sharing this article would be greatly appreciated.

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