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How to Hyperlink in Discord (2021)

It is possible that you have seen users on the server share links within the text. This is also called hyperlinking and text linking. Therefore, therefore, you must know how to hyperlink on Discord.

Enhancing your forum posts’ visibility by using hyperlinks is a simple way to make them more visible.

Instead of long, messy links, links are used to provide information about the chat.

Examples include ” Join my Discord server” and ” Read here” There is a small box on every page of a website that contains an automatic hyperlink.

Hyperlinking in Discord is possible?

Discord does not offer the option to include clickable links in chat text by default. A number of tools and pieces of code were tried, none of which worked.

However, you can also create hyperlinks in discord using bots and webhooks.

Most likely due to security concerns, since Discord warns you when clicking any link to protect us from a variety of frauds that are made through dangerous hyperlinks.

Is it possible to create hyperlinks in Discord?

The hyperlink can be used by using an embed link generator such as a webhook or bot.

In other words, hyperlinks cannot be sent from your account in Discord.

A bot or webhook can be used to create a user’s name.

No problem, I’ll break down how to do this step-by-step.

What are the options for hyperlinking in Discord?

The ability to use hyperlinks within a chatroom is not supported by Discord. The text font of Discord can be changed. Several people suggest using a link shortener, which is essentially a tool to shorten a URL to provide a more accurate link, though the link simply begins with HTTPS. Here are two strategies you can try instead

Discord Hyperlink bot (Carl-bot)

You can embed hyperlinks within the text using discord bots that allow you to execute commands and execute commands. I will demonstrate how to use hyperlinks to communicate with Carl’s bot in this post. Step 1: Log into your discord account and visit the carl-bot website.


Step 2:  Upon logging into the dashboard, you will be asked to choose the server to which you wish this bot to be connected. You will need to select the server to which a hyperlink will be linked. Accept the permission by clicking Continue and Authorize. Step 3:  If you wish to modify the other functions of this bot, click on the start button, or simply click skip. The user will then be taken to the Carl dashboard. Step 4: You can now hit embeds in the left-hand menu. When you do, the embed creator will appear.


Step 5: Write about the task in the section describing it Format prefix [Text] (Link) Here’s an example Read also:- [9 Ways To Fix Better Discord Not Working]( As an example, here’s what it will look like: Read also:- 9 Ways To Fix Better Discord Not Working

Step 6: When you are finished with the description, select the channel on the drop-down menu after scrolling down to the destination.


Step 7: Forwarded messages can be forwarded by selecting “Post.”.

Discord Embed link generator (Webhook)

Using discord’s webhook is a second option and suggestion for connecting to the chat. Step 1: Discord can be accessed through the web or your app. To connect, click on the hyperlink next to the server you want. Step 2:  You’ll need to select the server settings from the drop-down. Step 3: Select Integrations from the left-hand menu, then Webhooks. Select a channel to which the hyperlinked messages should be sent and provide a title for the webhook. You can now copy the webhook URL by clicking the link to copy the webhook. Step 4: Visit to create the hyperlink message. Paste the Webhook URL you copied from Discord in the Webhook URL section.


Step 5: You can now create a brand new embed by clicking on the “+ icon” located in the Embed section.

Step 6: The Description should follow the same format as the bot’s embeds. FORMAT Prefix: write the text you wish to show in the link](paste the link here) Example Visit []( It will appear similar to the following: Visit

Step 7: By selecting the color options for your link, you can customize its appearance. Several other options are available as well. Step 8: Click Send Message at the end of the screen after you have completed the survey.

Final Words on Discord Hyperlink

We constantly update and modify Discord to enhance our user experience and security. However, there are just two steps necessary in order to connect to discord.

You can upvote for the Discord Hyperlink feature below. In case you have other suggestions, I would love to add them to the post.

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