How to Restart and Refresh Discord

How to Restart and Refresh Discord – (2021) – Windows & Mac

Streaming or gaming may not be open in your Discord, but you may be prepared to open it. Here we are going to share three methods about how to  Restart and refresh Discord, and it can be done in three different ways.

Among the most popular chat applications is Discord, but it is also known for its issues. In the event of a problem with Discord, you have several options. By doing this, you’ll be able to determine what is causing your Discord and how to fix it.

How to Restart Discord on Windows

Following are three methods of reloading Discord on Windows. I have listed them all in order of difficulty, from the simplest to the most difficult.

Method 1 – Quit Discord From Taskbar

A method like this should take you no more than a few minutes. There will be an icon on your taskbar for discord. Select the close window option from the right-click menu.

How to end discord in windows

Navigate to the left side of the page and click Show Hidden Icons. The discord icon can be found by right-clicking on it. Quit discord by clicking the quit button. Quit-discord-from-the-taskbar The discord has been closed. Once again, you should be able to open the discord application.

Method 2 – Restart Discord on Windows PC with Task Manager

If the app or device isn’t responding, you can easily fix it by restarting them. With the task manager, you can restart Discord—the simplest and most straightforward method.

Step 1: Right-click the task manager and select “Task Manager“. The shortcut key can be used by pressing Ctrl+Shift+Esc To open it.

Step 2: Click on the Details button to expand the task manager with all its options. Step 3:  You will find two sections in the processes tab. Apps And Background Processes. How-to-restart-discord-on-Windows Step 4: First, close discord in the apps section. Click once on the icon for discord and then click on end task.

Step 5:- Next, go to the Processes section and find all discord files that are currently open. Your Windows computer will be closed once this is done. Discord can be restarted by right-clicking on the icon and choosing “Restart discord.”As administrator“. Clearing discord’s local data is another way to restart it.

Method 3:- Clear app and local data from Windows PC

Rebooting discord and resetting it are ways to restart discord. This is why I am sharing this method, as many of you have problems with discord, such as the program not opening or not recognizing a microphone.

-NOTE: this will not affect discord messages, information, or files. Problems with the application will only be addressed here. Discord-related problems can also be solved using this method

Step 1:- Press Windows + R & type %appdata% then Hit the Enter key.

Step 2: Windows roaming folder will now appear, locate the discord folder and click on it. shift + del, This folder can be deleted

Step 3:- Press Windows + R again & type %localappdata% then Hit the Enter key.

Step 4:- This will bring up the windows local data. Look for the discord folder and press shift + del, This folder can be deleted. To restart the discord app, launch it again.

How to Restart Discord on Mac

There are also several reasons to restart Discord on Mac. Make sure that discord is updated and free of any glitches.

  • Discord can be restarted by finding the icon for discord pinned to the dock.
  • To bring up the options menu, press two fingers on the icon for discord.
  • Choose to quit discord, then launch the discord app again.

Alternatively, you can press command + R, which is a shortcut for refreshing. The item can be used several times, however.

How to Refresh Discord

It takes very little time to refresh discord. Then use the Windows XP Plugin with CTRL + R. Then refresh the discord page and use it on a Mac.

Hold down the Command and R keys

Refreshing the discord has many benefits.

  • It allows you to reload messages from the server and DMs. It also allows you to receive new messages.
  • A current status that can be refreshed is discord
  • Some glitches can cause discord to not display correctly.

When troubleshooting basic issues, you should always refresh discord before restarting it.

How to restart the Discord server

Discord servers cannot be reset by clicking a button or selecting an option.

Resetting or restarting Discord servers is not possible quickly. For a server restart, it is necessary to first delete all roles and channels, then create them again.

How to restart Discord on a Phone

Restarting or refreshing Discord mobile is not possible. The recent button in the Discord app allows you to bring the app to the close position.

Launch Discord again once you have completed these steps. If you are experiencing any other problems, you can reinstall Discord on your phone.

Last Word

The procedure for restarting Discord should now be clear to you. To make it as comprehensive as possible, I tried to include everything about the restart of Discord in one article. In the comments section below, you can ask questions or provide suggestions.

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