Top 5 Crypto & Bitcoin Discord Groups (Paid Servers) In 2021

Most likely, you’ve browsed some social media platforms to learn more about this revolutionary technology. Bitcoin and cryptocurrency markets will continue to grow in 2021, so Twitter, Reddit, Medium, and Instagram will likely be seeing a massive increase in accounts.

A crypto enthusiast’s favorite social media platform is fast becoming a top choice for crypto enthusiasts across the globe -Discord! Reddit and Twitter have played significant roles in the creation of large crypto communities.

Crypto & Bitcoin Discord Groups

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Discover’s cryptocurrency trading and conversation servers offer an array of information to those who want to learn more about cryptocurrency, gain insight into market trends, or learn about the latest technologies. Getting an invitation to join, however, isn’t easy.

This article will tell you about the most relevant popular trading events/forums centered around the cryptocurrency market and the hottest Discord servers. The 10 hottest Discord servers for 2021 are listed here.

Do you know what a Discord server is? What does it mean?

Each Discord community has its server channel. In addition, each server has a topic, a track, and a set of rules. Upon signing up for an account, you will be able to participate in any channel and talk with other users in any channel you want.


There are a lot of channels for speech and chat (where users can interact with each other). You can share pictures, videos, websites, and even music. You can join servers for free. Read – How To Fix Discord keeps Crashing On PC & Mobile (5 Solutions)

What are the proper ways to use Crypto Discord?

However, most Discord groups remain unproductive despite Discord becoming a honeycomb of social media. Telegram has become increasingly popular among crypto-capitalists, but there is still much room for improvement to interact with other crypto enthusiasts. Take advantage of cryptocurrency-driven users in Discord with these tips.

  • Make sure your Discord server permissions are set correctly to prevent spam and fraud.
  • So that all server members aren’t informed every time your message is sent, you can control the notification for your message.
  • Stop spamming your members by installing a bot-guard. Captcha numbers can be used to ensure that only members are allowed access to other servers.UI is attractive and well-lit.

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The most appropriate server to use for crypto depends on a few factors.

Since there are so many fraudulent groups on Discord, you are finding suitable channels for cryptography can pose a challenge (especially if you’re just adjusting to the platform).

Especially for first-time Discord users). Before joining a Discord crypto server, here are a few things to consider—the number of members on the server.


Make sure Bot Guards are enabled on this server. This server is accessible. How easy is it to use the platform? Do the members behave professionally and respectfully?

A variety of channels are available, including free ones. You can find signals for trading, cryptography, and other content you wish to consume.

Discord groups such as Top Crypto Discord are available. This crypto trading wishing system features a similar chat feature to Twitter and a well-organized system that looks like Reddit.

You can join a vibrant community, as well as take part in technical discussions on Discord. The following list shows the top crypto channels that will be active in 2021. Traders are encouraged to discuss cutting-edge technologies and trade signals.

1. MEGA Pump

The Mega Pump group sells and purchases cryptocurrency under the “pump and dump” method and is located on a Discord server, as its name indicates. This group provides users with access to trading signals that optimize their earnings and a news channel that keeps them informed about current crypto-related events. To track transactions proposed by members of a group, a “Results” tab is available. Moreover, MEGA Pump offers an affiliate program through which it pays dividends to anyone who brings new investors on board.

2. Today, We Push

Bitcoin Investments is another category on this list. Currently, there are five public channels, including announcements, affiliate networks, #generalchat, and #invites for inviting affiliates to your server. There are five public channels on the server included in this push. Channels such as free, premium, and private channels are highlighted on the server’s guide channel.

3. Cryptex Commonwealth

The Cryptotex Commonwealth offers a variety of seminars and focuses on the longer-term outlook for investors in cryptocurrencies. To participate in the program, you will need an invitation code to join all other participants. You should expect an administrator to verify and join the server within 24 hours of your acceptance.

4. Breaking Crypto

Discord is home to one of the oldest and most diversified Crypto servers. Servers on this list have far fewer channels than this one, which has six main channels. Cracking Crypto provides a wide range of cryptographic materials for its members and discussions about cryptographic questions. In addition to introductions, premium content, and conversation with the community, there are also resources and collaborations related to cryptos.

5. Super Pump

Super Pump Group is an organization that distributes and purchases cryptocurrencies, as indicated by the server’s description. It offers users trading signals to maximize their profits and an information channel to stay current with what is happening in the world of cryptography. There is a category called “pump results” on the server that keeps track of the trading recommendations from this group. The most accurate results are currently coming from Binance, KuCoin, and HotBot (the highest quality results currently come from the exchange). In addition to the affiliate program, Super Pump offers the chance to introduce new customers to the company.


During this period of growth, it is expected that more people will become involved with crypto-cats as well.

Furthermore, having an open and supportive community will grow faster in such a wild environment.

You can use Discord to get your crypto questions answered, use business signals to make business decisions, and share your crypto knowledge with others.

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