Vultr Cloud Hosting – Check Price Before Buy

You may find a lot of hosting websites on the internet. But every one of us knows, the more options, the more difficult it is to choose the best. Cloud platforms can be better. The hardware of the server and operating system of the same server in a cloud data center is collectively known as the cloud platform. 

vultr cloud hosting

Vultr is also one of the cloud hosting platforms. However, proper knowledge is needed to access it and use it accordingly.

Cloud Hosting provides a lot of features that you can utilize and if you are willing to use it for a WordPress site, go for the Vultr Cloud Hosting Platform as it provides a lot of stuff to ease with your Content Management System.

So, now we are going to provide you with a tutorial on how to set up the Vultr Cloud Platform for your WordPress site. Before setting up anything, you must know what it is and how efficient it will be!

What is Vultr?

The Website Industry is a big topic to discuss. However, we must focus on our particular topic which is the cloud host platform. So, Vultr is a host platform where we can use our sites in more than one location across the web using ‘virtualization’ rather than one server or VPN.

There may be many options in cloud hosting platforms such as Google, Heroku, Amazon -a very well-known one, and a few more.

However, Vultr is a mixed-up platform the better features. And also the Vultr could hosting price is very less comparatively.

As we know, that first impression may not be the last impression, but it may create an impact. So, the Vultr logo itself offers a wide range of features and accessibilities at first glance which looks better than other hosting options.

Vultr provides us with a huge range of servers that offer different degrees of computing power.

We can also choose the OS (operating system) which will be running our server. Thus it is the advantage of the Virtualization Model which makes it different from other Cloud Hosting Platforms.

There are a lot of one-click apps to set up the server which are commonly provided by other server management tools as well. But, as I told you earlier, Vultr provides us with apps that can run beyond the typical use cases i.e., they offer a lot of functionalities.

Some of the one-click apps are WordPress and installers for cPanel, Minecraft, etc.

Now comes the major point i.e., why would you choose Vultr Cloud Hosting and not any other regular hosting platforms?

So, as I have already gone through the topic, Vultr uses Virtualization which means you can use and move your sites at multiple locations rather than a single server.

They offer you lots of customization options to choose from.

Thus, you have your own will to ensure your server’s safety and performance are safe and secure.

Vultr cloud hosting price 

So, it is quite pocket-friendly just like any other regular hosting platform. It is flexible. One can pay if he/she wishes to do so. In this way, the vultr cloud hosting price is very adjustable.

It offers the option to rate i.e., ‘scalability’ by which you can increase or decrease the resources according to priorities and also based on the traffic which hits the server. It is easily viewed and understood from the dedicated dashboard section where detailed analysis will be shown.

For example, if your site is about to go down, another instance from your server can take its place until the former’s issues get resolved.

The host also assures you that your website will be there and effective throughout the year. A bonus point to this is that if it isn’t, then the company is going to credit you. And the best part about it is that Vultr goes for a 100 Percent uptime guarantee and Service Level Agreement whereas other hosting platforms look for 99.9 percent.

Actually, the credit list of Vultr is based on its annual SLA targets which it sets. 

Other accessibilities and features provided by Vultr are – 

  • Direct Denial of Service
  • Attack Protection
  • Wall (hence ensuring the security of data Backups) 
  • Snapshot service that can be scheduled, etc.

The list is long, but we need to focus on the general yet important points!

Now, the question which comes is how to set up the Vultr Cloud Hosting server.

So there are many ways, but we are going to focus on the two most popular ways.

First is setting up manually i.e., using the one-click installers or apps present in the Vultr Dashboard. The second method can be buying a WordPress dashboard and server admin tool to set up the required platform.

Thus, if you are working in the content management department or a  site developer, your basic focus is to reach at any place of the globe through your website no matter where you or your set-up is. So, Vultr just like a regular host is cost-effective, but unlike a regular host, Vultr Cloud Hosting offers you to reach globally. It offers you the flexibility that many other WordPress hosts may not provide you.


We have covered everything related to the Vultr Cloud Host Platform including How and why you need it to run your WordPress website effectively. So we think that this article provided you with enough information about vultr cloud hosting. And we hope that this will be informative for you. 

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